Friday, May 22, 2015

The Albert Gallatin Area School District formed July 2, 1951.  Originally it was composed of the Masontown and Point Marion schools.  These schools originally housed their own high schools and junior high schools along with many one room school house buildings throughout the townships served.  The original merger created one high school that was built on land originally owned by Albert Gallatin, U.S. Secretary of Treasury (1801-1814).  The Point Marion and Masontown buildings became junior highs/elementary buildings.  The one room school houses were eliminated.

The Fairchance-Georges and German Township schools officially joined the District on July 1, 1965.  The district was composed of three separate high schools: Fairchance-Georges, German Township and Albert Gallatin.  Four district junior highs and seven elementary schools made up the remainder of the district.  It was not until the 1986-1987 school term that the district consolidated the three high schools into one and the four junior highs into two schools. In addition, the Point Marion Junior High/Elementary School was closed.  There are now six elementary schools within the district. 
During this time of change the Albert Gallatin Area School District name remained the same while the schools took on a different identity.  The high school became known as the Tri-Valley High School.  The reign of the Tri-Valley Griffins lasted for six years.  During the 1992-1993 school year, the school board voted to change the name of the schools to reflect the district's name and to honor our historic namesake. 

The District is composed of four contingent townships: German, Georges, Nicholson and Springhill, along with four boroughs: Fairchance, Masontown, Point Marion and Smithfield.  It is located in the southwestern section of Fayette County.  The school district is approximately 136 square miles, bordered by the state of West Virginia to the south, Greene County to the west, and the neighboring school districts of Brownsville Area, Uniontown and Laurel Highlands to the north and east.  The major highways are U.S. Rt. 119, PA Toll-43 and State Rt. 21.